Will Storage

As a will professional, you will understand the importance of making a will but it is of little use if the executers don't know it exists or of its location.

You probably spend valuable time and money trying to locate lost or misplaced wills, which can significantly delay the whole process.

That's where, as the national will registration and retrieval service, can help you and your clients.

How works holds a confidential database of the locations of its clients wills. When your client registers with us we will provide them with a certificate and two identical registration cards. These show we hold the location of their current will, our full contact details and their unique account number (no other personal information is shown)

When the client passes away the card directs to, upon sight of the original death certificate we will provide the location of the will. This data can only be accessed by will professionals.

Members of the public can make a limited background search, if we do hold the data they will be refered to a will professional for its retrieval.

Why should you register your practice with us?

By registering your practice with us for an annual fee of £235 you will:

  • be guaranteed 24/7 access to secure data, saving you time and money
  • be given your own unique password to access all relevant data
  • any will enquiries from the general public will be referred to you
  • you will receive 25% for every will registration we receive from your clients
  • you will have access to a database of 8000 email addresses for wills and probate practices

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