FAQ's on Wills

Question 1: How much does it cost to search for a Will?
Answer: £15. If information is located on our database it can be accessed by your legal representative upon production of a death certificate. If no data is found then the name of the deceased will be entered on our missing Wills list at no extra cost. This list is frequently circulated to solicitors, will professionals and banks.

Question 2: Why have a National Will Register?
Answer: The Will Register was set up to address the problem of missing Wills. It stores the location of Wills. For the purposes of confidentiality this information can only be accessed by one of our qualified professionals.

Question 3: Do Wills get lost?
Answer: Yes it is a little known statistic that over 25% of Wills made are never found due to various reasons, such as; persons moving, bank or solicitors offices where the Will is lodged closing down, mental incapacity of person who knows the whereabouts of the Will.

Question 4: If my Will details are registered who will get to know those details?
Answer: Your details are stored on a totally secure system. It cannot be accessed by members of the public. Your details are only known to those persons you care to tell. We do not offer any details from this database to any marketing companies.

Question 5: How much information is required before a search can be undertaken?
Answer: Ideally the more information, the easier the search. However it is still possible to search with just the name of the deceased.

Question 6: If I register my Will, what do I get for my money?
Answer: For a one off fee of just £20 we record the location of your Will. A registration certificate is issued to you together with two credit card-sized registration cards. At no extra cost an annual reminder is sent to you in case you have changed the location of your will.

Question 7: What happens if I haven't made a will?
Answer: We can help. Simply click the appropriate button on the main menu to complete your details and one of our representatives will contact you.

Question 8: What happens if I want to change my Will?
Answer: Please notify us of any changes (i.e. new date of will, change of executor and any new location where the will is stored.)

Question 9: How do I register my Will?
Answer: Simply click the appropriate button (register today) or go to the Will registration page where you will be guided through the registration process.

Question 10: If I register my Will with thewillplace.com who should I tell?
Answer: It is entirely up to you. Some people for various reasons wish to keep it secret that they have made a Will. That could lead to problems when they pass away. It is advisable to inform your executors at least. Don't forget, you will have thewillplace.com certificate and two registration cards which will guide your executors/next of kin to thewillplace.com.

Question 11: Is it possible to store the will with you?
Answer: Yes. As part of our additional services we do offer storage facilities. We have 'state of the art' facilities including CCTV all in compliance with BS5454. Those facilities may also be used to store other valuable documents i.e. shares, insurance policies, etc. Please click the appropriate button on the homepage for further details.

Question 12: I won't require your storage facility as my Will is lodged with my solicitor/bank
Answer: Fine, there is nothing wrong in storing your will with your solicitor/bank. But who knows it's stored there? With thewillplace.com we issue you with storage cards which are easily kept in your purse/wallet and which are readily traceable by your loved ones in the event of your passing away. Also who's to say that the solicitor's office/bank branch will not be relocated or closed down.

Question 13: What happens if I know a Will has been completed but cannot be found?
Answer: We would of course advise you to carry out a search of our database. If this is unsuccessful we can carry out a forensic search for you please see the will finder section for details.