Will Storage

Everybody knows that they should make a will - but how many people have got round to it?

Not many! It is a well established statistic that over 70% of the population have not made a will.

Don't be misguided by thinking there's no point as everything will go to your spouse/partner - who knows what the future will hold? Without a will your estate is distributed according to the intestacy rules which lay down strict rules which must be followed irrespective of your wishes.

WARNING a marriage or divorce automatically makes void any will made before that event.

  • Your spouse does NOT get everything automatically!
  • Unmarried partners could end up with nothing
  • The law treats cohabiting couples as individuals, when one dies their estate will go to next of kin NOT their partner
  • Your children could end up in local government care because family cannot agree who takes care of them
  • Months or years could pass before your estate is settled leaving your family stressed and in financial difficulties

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