Terms and Conditions

Will Storage


thewillplace.com is the supplier of the service hereinafter mentioned.


a. thewillplace.com provides a facility for the secure storage of data relating to wills and the location where they are stored.

b. Ancillary to this facility we also supply the services of will writing and will

c. The data stored can only be retrieved in full by will professionals. Members of the public can carry out a basic (background) search which will reveal only whether we hold data against a specified name.


The site is restricted to persons over the age of 18 and who can use the payment system shown on our website.


a. To register you must follow the payment system set out on the website. You must pay by credit / debit card cheque or postal order.

b. Once payment is received an acknowledgement will be sent to you.


The Will place registration system is based on the recording and storage of will information provided by you.The information would normally consist of your name address date of birth and national insurance number. In addition we would ask for details where or with whom your will is stored.

Upon registration of this information a single fee of £20 is charged. This fee may vary in the future but any variation will be notified on the website.

Confirmation of the registration of your details will be provided by the issue of a registration certificate and two plastic identity cards.


Access to the database is controlled by the identity of the person wishing to gain entry.Access by will professionals is unlimited and security maintained by the issue of individual passwords. Access by members of the public is limited to carrying out a background search. No attempt should be made to gain unauthorised entry by trying to breach the secure website or any other form of hacking.


The service relies totally on the information received from you.Please ensure all dates are correct when supplied and clearly set out any unusual spelling of a name or unusual place name.

By the supply of your personal details to us you are authorising us to maintain those details on our database.


In accordance with international copyright law and related legistlation thewillplace.com are the owners of all product and company names and logos contained within the website.


thewillplace.com has been formed for the storage and access of will information to assist in the location and safe retrieval of wills. We are dependant on the accuracy of the information supplied by individuals at the time the data was registered. Whilst every effort is made to verify the accuracy of the information we expressly disclaim any liability that may arise from the consequent use of such information whether directly or indirectly.


Access to all data stored at thewillplace.com is governed by the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. thewillplace.com is the registered controller of information according to the terms of the act.


thewillplace.com reserves the right to alter amend add to or delete any of these terms and conditions at any time in the future.


All notices shall be given by e-mail or post. They shall be deemed received when an e-mail is received in full during the hours of 9-5pm Monday to Friday. Otherwise they are deemed to have been received the following day. Post is deemed received 3 days from posting.


These terms and conditions are governed by English law and you accept any dispute arising from them shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the English court.